There are the 3 plans in the app namely Silver, Gold, and Diamond.


Silver Plan costs Rs.15,000.
You get 15 Leads Points.
With the help of these lead points, you can purchase any 15 leads of your choice.
You get 3 Lead Replacement Points. Replacement Points will be given only when the customer does not answer your call or his/her number is switched off for more than 24 hours.
To get replacement points, you will have to create a ticket on the Support Portal(https://support.easyinterio.com/)

  • Price: Rs.15,000
  • Lead Points: 15
  • Replacement Points: 3


  • Price: Rs.25,000
  • Lead Points: 30
  • Replacement Points: 5


  • Price: Rs.50,000
  • Lead Points: 65
  • Replacement Points: 7